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While 70 percent of American workers say presentations are critical to their success, 40 percent admit to doing something else — texting, checking email, surfing the internet — during other people's talks, a recent survey shows.

But the coolest thing about iPod is your entire music library fits in your pocket. These are the foundation for the story that Apples customers and the media in attendance spread to the rest of the population.

Enthusiastic presentations have the ability to reflect well on audience. Brent Schlender, the co-author of " Becoming Steve Jobs ," told Fast Company that Jobs would spend months preparing and rehearsing "exhaustively" for public appearances.

He didn't just announce a new Apple product; he found ways to get the audience as excited as possible while masterfully making that Apple product the next "must have" item. Rather than leaving the audience guessing, he said things like "Today we are introducing three revolutionary products.

Having a device that fits into your pocket and stores the entirety of your music collection is tangible. This gives the audience a visual guide for what to expect. Know the one critical point in your presentation -- then make it clear.

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When you are giving your presentation, tell the story about why the feature was built. Inspired by his presentations, customers flocked to Apple stores waited in line for days to be the first to buy the newly released product. For some baby steps, you can include a few reasons you're so excited about something when presenting it. More from Inc. I'm determined to make a business grow. And when you reveal your feature, it will look like a hero that saves the day! Show Enthusiasm It is very important aspect of presentation. Instead they will tell their audience that their company uses the same technology that Bank of America uses. Final word Never let go of confidence, enthusiasm and positive energy. When you reveal the features of your new product, your audience is going to wonder with excitement how the features are going to solve their most pressing problems. He always started with a headline which can be easily remembered and is short and comprehensive. You may not have the huge fan base or the media clout of Apple, but you can still use several strategies that Steve Jobs employed to kick-start your product launch. Thankfully, you don't have to invent the next hot tech gadget or wear a black turtleneck to present as well as he did. Steve jobs presentation style consisted of following key ideas. You might not be able to reinvent the phone, but you can create a higher sense of purpose by talking about what your customer really wants.

And the same thing would happen to your audience too. The second, is a revolutionary mobile phone. He used to be up all night with butterflies in his stomach, excited and nervous about his presentation.

Quick tips to presentation skills Presentation skills are developed with experience and practice but there are few tips which can help you polish your presentation skills. This was never possible before.

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Learning Presentation Skills From Steve Jobs Speech and Keynotes