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Earthquakes are also caused by volcanic activity. For instance, earthquakes are natural disasters that are characterized by vibrations and shaking within the ground, some earthquakes have the potential to become deadly.

Table 3 synthesizes the environmental aspects of a man-made nature which exacerbate natural disasters. This issue has taken on particular importance as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change IPCC, report states that one of the consequences of global warming is the likely increase in the frequency and intensity of extreme climatic events above all in tropical regionswhich together with disasters caused by geophysical factors e.

The Himalayan region has been the site for great earthquakes of the world of magnitude greater than 8. Why Disasters Happen There are four main reasons why disasters happen.

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Poor strength of material in tension-and shear. There is a natural disaster that is currently facing the state of California in particular which is much harder to overcome — the drought. One of the reasons for this region being prone to earthquake is the presence of the young-fold Himalayan Mountains here which have frequent tectonic movements. Triggering Agents, Vulnerabilities and Disaster Reduction: towards a holistic paradigm. Annually, on an average, there are quakes capable of causing damage with a magnitude of Management: The management aspect of disaster may be classified as: a early warning system; b rescue operations; c relief operations; d rehabilitation; and e long range planning. Monitoring and advanced warning systems are crucial in reducing the disastrous effects which natural disasters can have as they allow sufficient time to carry out necessary preparations to minimise damage to property and loss of human life. Interestingly, the frequency of tropical cyclones is the least in the north Indian Ocean regions of the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea; they are also of moderate intensities. Revista Brasileira de Meteorologia, v. It is up to us to include disaster education and preparedness of the public as well as early warning systems, in which people at risk receive, understand, and act upon the warning information conveyed. People's homes are wiped out and livelihoods are destroyed. The depth of the focus may be one factor. The Politics of Vulnerability and Resilience.

Modules have also been identified to include disaster management aspects in the course curriculum for engineering, architecture, and medical degrees. This understanding is concentrated in the formulation: "disasters occur when hazards meet vulnerability. Investing in disaster risk reduction for resilience.

In the instant after the quake, the sea surface shape resembles the contours of the seafloor.

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In some phenomena, such as cyclones, flood, etc. Propagation of Tsunamis: The long gravity tsunami waves are caused by two interacting processes. An eight battalion-strong National Disaster Response Force NDRF was set up comprising specialised response teams on various types of disasters of which around 72 are for nuclear, biological, and chemical NBC disasters.

It will have pressure sensors to detect the water movement. Compared to the pre- monsoon season of May, June, when severe storms are rare, the months of October and November are known for severe cyclones.

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