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Did the family really need Gregor to squander his life away for them, or were they just using him as their crutch, to not have to work.

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His walls become covered in grime, his room fills with discarded belongings, and his family loses their love towards him. They lived in a small apartment and Franz could not concentrate on writing because of the yelling, screaming and slamming of doors. Franz Kafka grew up in a financially secure Jewish family in Prague. He vows that once he has sufficient money, he will quit, and yet he has no idea what he will do. The first one deals with his professional conflict, the second deals primarily with his reaction to the increasingly tense alienation within his family, and the last deals with Gregor's death or, expressed positively, his liberation. Not one person within the story can do that, Gregor included. In the book Gregor stayed at his dreadful job, in an effort to prove his loyalty and worth to his family. Throughout the short story, Franz Kafka, the author, showcases the many changes that occur from the day Gregor wakes up as a bug, to his unfortunate deterioration, and eventually his somber death.

The insect represents all the dimensions of Gregor's existence which elude description because they transcend rational and empirical categories.

Following the narrator, he can view all angles of Gregor's torment. In a sense, Gregor is the archetype of many of Kafka's male characters: he is a man reluctant to act, fearful of possible mishaps, rather prone to exaggerated contemplation, and given to juvenile, surrogate dealings with sex.

Also both men are guilty: like Georg in "The judgment," Gregor Samsa note the similarity of first names is guilty of having cut himself off from his true self — long before his actual metamorphosis — and, to the extent he has done so, he is excluded from his family.

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These writings contained detailed descriptions of his own death that were very disturbing and grotesque. The arrangement of the vowels in Samsa is the same as in Kafka. Rather than Gregor dying an immediate death, the story is of a long, slow death.

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His or its agonizing anxiety reflects his or its fate of belonging nowhere. The selection of an ordinary individual as victim heightens the impact of the absurd. Also he was not just a colonel, but a lieutenant, and demanded respect for the rank he held. Prior to his transformation, Gregor is the sole breadwinner for the family, a position which Gregor feels has earned him little respect with his family. Though it would be unfair to blame him for procrastinating, for not getting out of bed on the first morning of his metamorphosis, we have every reason to assume that he has procrastinated long before this — especially in regard to a decision about his unbearable situation at work. Thus the reader finds himself confronted with Gregor's horrible fate and is left in doubt about the source of Gregor's doom and the existence of enough personal guilt to warrant such a harsh verdict. The Metamorphosis.

The maid treats him like a curious pet, and the three lodgers are amused, rather than appalled, by the sight of the insect. In the book Mr. As the story begins, Gregor Samsa wakes to find himself transformed into a giant insect.

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We must ask ourselves, therefore, if Kafka intended this. He no longer demands respect, instead he is indebted to his parents and sister, by providing monetarily.

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She is the one who initiates the idea that enough is enough, and that the monstrosity that his holed up in his room, is no longer Gregor.

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