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When Manolin asks to buy the old man a beer, Santiago replies, "Why not? When the captured marlin is later destroyed by sharks, Santiago feels destroyed as well. Manolin offers to fetch sardines for the old man, an offer which Santiago first refuses and then accepts. At the end of his journey, he feels shame and humiliation, much like Christ before his crucifixion. Like the case of Santiago and Manolin, this equalization demonstrates the novella's thematic concern with the unity of nature - including humanity - a unity which ultimately helps succor the heroic victim of great tragedy. It is Santiago traits, both physical and personality, along with his interesting sat that makes him such an enthralling character. In fact, he makes up his mind to go far out to sea and try his luck, optimistic that he may catch a really large fish. Hemingway's style, then, helps explain why so many commentators view his novella more as a fable than as fiction. But none of these scars were fresh. This act establishes him as a kind man who helps the aging Santiago. There are also religious pictures and a tinted photograph on the wall, relics of his wife. DiMaggio suffers from a painful bone spur in his foot, but he does not let it bother him or stand in the way of his being a marvelous baseball player. Even though his hands ache, cramp, and bleed and his shoulders burn with pain, he will not slacken the line or let the fish defeat him. At the young age of five, Manolin began fishing with Santiago, helping him with the gear and learning everything the fisherman could teach him. He lives in poverty, owning a small shack with no running water; yet he never complains.

While Santiago clearly lacks the former, the import of this lack is eclipsed by his possession of the later. More importantly, Santiago is Christ-like, constantly displaying the Christian virtues of love, kindness, patience, and humility.

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He knows how to rely on the transcendent power of his own imagination to engender the inspiration and confidence he needs and to keep alive in himself and others the hope, dreams, faith, absorption, and resolution to transcend hardship.

Santiago not only remembers these times in his past, but he uses them to provide strength for his tasks in the present. He can hardly wait to see the newspaper each day and see how the Yankees have fared.

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Santiago is the epitome of an exceptional character, and he is one of many of the reasons that The Old Man and the Sea has become the classic it is today. That way, if Santiago catches a big fish, Manolin and his new employer can help Santiago manage it.

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He knows the exact breaking points of his fishing line, and he also knows that he must be able to give line 50 that he fish will not tear the hook from its mouth.

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The Old Man and the Sea