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As Americans we have come to depend on the many convenience products that are available to us, and nowhere is this more evident than in the school lunch room. Yes, trust me, you want to wash your lunch bags after your kids have used them for any length of time!! BONUS: Making lunches like this means you can buy foods in larger quantities — which saves money while it protects the planet!

Lunchbox To tell a friend about this site, enter his or her email address below and click "Send this URL. I run the glass or stainless containers through the dishwasher.

There are many reasons for choosing to send your child to school with a lunch from home. Send Reusable Napkins. Cloth napkins One of the simplest and cutest ways to make a waste-free lunch is to swap paper napkins for cloth.

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When you send dinner leftovers to lunch, you are indeed helping the waste problem! Granola bars, single serving pretzels, fruit snacks, etc. Talk to your children about why the school has decided to institute a waste-free lunch program. Encourage them to help separate the recyclables from the non-recyclables. Rather than sending a disposable water bottle or juice box, opt for a sturdy stainless steel bottle you can use for school, sports, or any kind of travel. Dairy milk, cheese, yogurt Fruit apple, banana, strawberries, etc. Landfills are full and overflowing. Snack granola, crackers, yogurt, nuts, etc. Quick-reference Lunch Foods Read this list with your children. For me, they rank in the following order of importance: Health — Storing food in stainless steel or glass means less chances of harmful chemicals like BPA leaching into the food.

And trust me, you want your kids to wipe their cute little faces after they eat. If you're interested in learning more about waste-free lunches, you've come to the right place. But our packed lunches were not getting the same attention.

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